Retaam is an ICT Company focusing on providing revolutionary technology in end-to-end services and optimized solutions for IoT, Biometrics, Datacenters Cooling Technologies & Telecommunication applications to streamline our customers' operations and increase profitability on a continuous basis and help in empowering their business with efficient use of their resources. We are a strategic partner with world-class vendors of innovative technologies aligning with VISION 2030. We make sure that we are constantly up-to-date and provide you with modern and innovative technologies that are available in the market with a clear road map.


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To provide our clients from government and private sectors in GCC with disruptive technologies and effective solutions to overcome their challenges.

Retaam is fully committed in defining and applying integrated processes and innovative systems that enable the agility, flexibility, and effective management of every stage of its business.

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Integrity, reliability, and professionalism: these are the foundations of our relationships with our partners.


To stay ahead of market changes and provide agile and powerful solutions.