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Retaam is an ICT Company focusing on providing revolutionary technology in end-to-end services and optimized solutions for IoT, Biometrics, Datacenters Cooling Technologies & Telecommunication applications to streamline our customers’ operations and increase profitability on a continuous basis and help in empowering their business with efficient use of their resources.

We are a strategic partner with world-class vendors of innovative technologies aligning with VISION 2030. We make sure that we are constantly up-to-date and provide you with modern and innovative technologies that are available in the market with a clear road map.


We at Retaam engage with our customers
to establish clear overview of the possibilities & application

in solving real life challenges and turning these into realistic business cases
We help our customers with tailor made M2M & IoT applications by creating customized solutions to empower them streamlining & optimizing thier business processes and efficient use of resources.

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Petrochemicals being a huge industry needs standardized and interconnected architecture and that is what we provide, an absolutely integrated system with optimum transparency for reduced risks. By using IoT technology, more physical objects can be connected to the internet and the companies can benefit from the easily available, efficient information, they get through this automated realm.

IoT is conducive for the oil and gas companies as it creates a completely new level of controllability, traceability, and collaboration between all parts of the operations.

For greater transparency and visibility of energy usage, the remote management of network equipment, and to automate the distribution, IoT is a potent tool for the energy and utilities sector. When we talk about providing IoT solutions for energy and utilities business, it includes solutions for smart meters, smart grid management, remote monitoring, and smart water systems.

The IoT solutions in all these areas help in controlling energy costs with automated meter readings, enable the customers to save energy, and manages the performance of remote assets round-the-clock by constant monitoring and controlling.

The Smart Home service is the modern way of managing your home by connecting your devices and appliances in your home. Our intelligently designed home automation system helps you to control all the household operations from anywhere with one touch of a button.

Whether it is the security of your house which is primary, you can also control and optimize the lightings, openings, and appliances through an integrated system. Get relief from the nagging doubts when you are not at home by our comprehensive home security and safety solutions.

When we talk about a critical industry like health care, we know that it deserves prime attention and impeccable IoT services. We relentlessly strive to provide unmatched IoT and ICT solutions to health care providers from remote patient monitoring, remote diagnostics systems for assets and devices, to informatics systems.

Remote patient monitoring helps to reduce costs and also reduces the patient’s hospital visits. Retaam Solutions offers, smooth IoT solutions for efficient health care experience and better care for patients.

We offer self-service SIM card kiosks that help the new and existing mobile subscribers an easy availability of SIM cards. The SIM card vending machines save the time of the customers and their wait for cards in the operator’s sales shops and renders them better experience.

Customers can buy new services or change the existing line package from anywhere and at any time, like at airports, universities, malls, gyms, etc. It also helps the operators as it extends their customer reach beyond the stores, saves operational costs, and increases the sales.

Biometrics are the technological measurement and statistical analysis of human physical and behavioural characteristics for authentication purposes. This technology is useful for identification purposes and access control.

Retaam Solutions provides three types of biometric devices for eye-retina recognition, face recognition, and fingerprint recognition. We currently are working for government agencies and police and armed forces.

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